Quality Control

We offer a range of QC testing services using automation where possible to offer rapid results.

  • ABV by distillation - The Gerhardt Vapodest V300 coupled with a Rudolph Research Analytical density meter enable us to rapidly and accurately produce an ABV result
  • Bitterness - IBU value is determined by traditional solvent extraction followed by measurement on a UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • Colour - EBC colour is measured directly using a UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • pH - Measured using an Orion Star pH meter
ABV is not only a regulatory requirement, but also an important component of flavour. The alcohol content can be affected by many things including mash temperature and pH, boil time, yeast variety/pitch rate/attenuation limit and even dry-hopping. A recent study QCL produced with Northern Monk Brew Co. shows the effect of dry-hopping on finished beer ABV.
Northern Monk - Dry Hopping Study
Bitterness is a measurement of IBU value, which equates to approximately 1 ppm iso-α-acid – but are you sure this is all that contributes to IBU value? A study carried out by QCL with Hackney Brewery evaluated IBU pick-up from late-addition hops and dry-hops.
Hackney Brewery - Bitterness Study
The colour in beer derives from the melanoidins family of compounds, produced during drying, kilning and roasting of the malt, the boiling process and high temperature mashing. Colour is an important indication of production consistency. Deviations from expected levels indicate inconsistencies in malt components or in ingredient preparation.
Beer colour was originally measured by the Lovibond (L) scale. This has now been largely replaced by the Standard Reference Method (SRM) scale which provides similar values and the European Brewing Convention (EBC) scale.
pH is an important indication of production consistency and of product shelf life. Finished beer has a pH of around 4, the critical issue is the pH during mashing as it affects the functioning of the mashing enzymes. QCL have demonstrated this by analysing three beers in a study with the Long Man Brewery.
Long Man Brewery - Mashing Study